We are organic urban farmers, passionate about healthy and fresh food. With years of experience in farming and active in the organic movement, we’ll bring you tips and tricks on growing vegetables and as well as updates on the urban farming movement in Spain.

Huerto ecologico
My garden in Ecuador

Stuart learned farming for 8 years in Ecuador in sub-tropical, tropical and Andean ecosystems. He designed and created his own intensive ecological garden from nothing until a surface area of 2500m2 was recuperated without the use of machinery. Over the years, he established an ecosystem that became in synch with nature, eliminating the need for even organic remedies for pests, as predators and prey lived in harmony!

Over time the garden undertook a marvellous transition. This is an image after around 4 years (one I caught on a sunny day!) but a year or two later this view was totally broken by the Alders and other native tree species we planted as a live fence, which grew incredibly quickly in the mild and humid mountain climate. During this period we also changed the agricultural system from furrows to raised beds; they have a higher production and make better use of the available resources (water, fertilizer and soil).

After a fantastic experience, Stuart currently resides in Barcelona where he is adapting his experiences to the city, and maintaining his strong interest in healthy eating. With his partner, Elsa, a forestry engineer and plant lover, they are promoting the benefits of consuming local and fresh organic produce.

Sembrando una cama elevada en Barcelona
Planting a raised bed in Barcelona

Follow our blog (see the Spanish page too)to learn from our experience, as well as information on how local climate and seasonal changes affect our planting season.


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