Installation of urban vegetable gardens in Barcelona

Huertocity can install your choice of raised bed or planter Vegtrug or Bacsac and coordinate all the work, from installation of the irrigation system, to selecting a good choice of substrates and healthy plants. Huertocity takes care of all the hard work and leaves your new vegetable garden “listo” for you to spend time thinking about recipes for your first fresh harvest!

Please write to to request your order and your installation needs. The main things to consider before installing a veg garden are:

Do you have at least 6 hours of direct sun a day? If not, how many hours?

Do you have access to a nearby water tap?

How many people will the garden be feeding?

How many times a week do you cook?

How many vegetarians are there in the family?

Do you have dogs, cats or rabbits at home?

Any questions that remain unanswered about the service simply write, and we’ll contact you and even arrange a free visit and quote – write to


Huertocity - Instalación de huertos urbanos

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