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Cultiva en casa 200 litres

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Growing tables from Cultiva en Casa are ideal for beginners at urban gardening.


This growing table is economical and durable and could be a good choice for your first steps in urban agriculture. Made of galvanized metal it will withstand changing weather, and comes with several unique advantages including a few extras to guarantee success with a variety of vegetables.

– Choice of lacquered paint finish which prevents corrosion; standard colours are metal, chocolate brown and green.

– Able to take 200 litres of substrate (model 150 x 75 cm wide).

– Comes in three heights  – 45cm (great for kids), 65cm and 85cm. Please specify which height you require in the «additional instructions» of the address form.

– All table edges are round-crop-cut to avoid rough and sharp edges (of particular interest to schools and families with young kids).

– The base of the growing table is designed to incorporate 8 adapters (in the bamboo kit) needed for growing climbing plants such as tomatoes and beans.

– Additional extras include a greenhouse to extend the growing season, an irrigation kit, and wheels for easy movement around the terrace or patio.

– Easy to install (just 8 screws).

– Lightweight (25-30kg and 100kg load with recently watered wet substrate), which makes it suitable for installation on balconies and rooftops without any problem.

– In all models there are levellers included for attaching to the legs to ensure a level planting surface.

– Includes assembly instructions.

Now what do I do?

When you decide that this is the growing table you want, just click the button «add to cart». Continue to the checkout where you will be asked for contact and delivery details. Finally you progress to the secure payment system offered by Paypal where you can pay either with a credit card, debit card or a Paypal account.

On receipt of the order confirmation we will send you the product within the next 3 days using MRW distribution. If you’re not home, MRW will leave a note and a contact telephone number so you can advise a convenient time for delivery.

Once you have the growing table at home, its a matter of reading the instructions, and setting aside about an hour to assemble it, fill it with the soil and sow it with your favourite herbs and vegetables. Simple as that.

If you have any questions, please contact us.



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