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Vegtrug growing table – 1m

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Vegtrug growing table – ideal for urban vegetable gardens

Size: 100 (length) x 76 (width) x 80 (height) cm.

The small Vegtrug growing table has an area of about 0.8m2 and a volume of approximately 210 litres (remember that the volume of substrate is very important for the development of the crop roots and also for moisture retention). They are an ideal size to fit onto a terrace or balcony and by positioning them near the kitchen, fresh herbs and veg are never far away to add flavour and colour to your meals.

The capacity of the small VegTrug 1m is approx. 4 bags of compost (50L).

VegTrug Features

The Vegtrugs are made from sustainable plantation fir with FSC certification. The VegTrug is designed to have a long life and is notable for its robust construction.

– Delivered in one flat packed box.Fresh herbs in the small Vegtrug

– Easy to install – see assembly videos (in English)

– Plastic feet to protect wood from water.

– Its height makes work easier, ideal for older users and wheelchairs.

– Keeps slugs and snails away from production.

– VegTrug.com offers full support – see the planting video for getting started.

– Each VegTrug has a liner fabric included (also available separately as a replacement item).

– The VegTrug can grow a variety of vegetables due to its additional soil volume, ideal for deep rooted vegetables (like bush tomatoes)

– An additional greenhouse attachment can be purchased to extend the growing season.

Now what do I do?

When you decide that this is the growing table you want, just click the button «add to cart». Continue to the checkout where you will be asked for contact and delivery details. Finally you progress to the secure payment system offered by Paypal where you can pay either with a credit card, debit card or a Paypal account.

On receipt of the order confirmation we will send you the product within the next 3 days using MRW distribution. If you’re not home, MRW will leave a note and a contact telephone number so you can advise a convenient time for delivery.

Once you have the growing table at home, its a matter of reading the instructions, and setting aside about an hour to assemble it, fill it with the soil and sow it with your favourite herbs and vegetables. Simple as that.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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