Buy local veg produce

Si te gusta esto, di a tus amigos, gracias!

Watch the video here or at with subtitles.

What can you do?

1) join and help «Som Lo Que Sembrem», an organization that promotes the use of native seeds and traditional food culture and is very much against the use and cultivation of genetically modified crops in Catalonia.

2) join Slow Food to understand more about your food chain

3) a first step will be helping local organic food coop …. here’s a list of possible contacts agencies or companies that sell over the Internet from farms and provide home delivery (NOTE: do not know all of them and do not guarantee their services).

In Barcelona:

a) La Rufa – an organic farmer that delivers in Catalonia

b) Hortganic – online sales and distributed from their premises in the center of Borne and around Mataro.

c) Doctor Veg – spread over the provinces of Barcelona, Girona (and Madrid)


In Madrid and Toledo:

a) Cesta Verde

b) Cesta Ecologica



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