Our daily veg – radish

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Horseradish is another variety, grown for its edible spicy root and this where your urban gardening comes into its element, by providing the  ability to grow plant varieties rarely found in the stores.

Each of radish’s subspecies have a variety of common names here in Spain; for example, radish, R. sativus var. sativus is called rabano o rabanito, easilñy found in the store, and Horseradish, R. sativus var. Longipinnatus, which has a lovely spicy flavor and ivory white color, is known as rábano blanco, rábano japonés o daikon.

Radishes can be grown throughout the year as long as there isn’t any frost. They are very simple to plant, with relatively large seeds that you plant just below the soil surface, maybe 0.5cm. Makes sure you thin them to no closer than a seed every 2cm, taking into consideration radish seeds to have a very good germination rate. They mature quickly, at just 4-6 weeks depending on the season. Simply harvest and slice into your salad for some extra flavour.

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