Fresh Food

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Comida sana y fresca
Anyone for salad?!

Food grown on your balcony or terrace is not only fresher and more flavorful than store bought, it will be without any residual agro-chemicals used in the control of insects and weeds. We would like to present 10 good reasons why we should all grow our own organic herbs and vegetables;

To … …

1) Ensure that our food is totally organic

2) Feel proud that we prepared each and every salad!

3) Be able to pick our veg at its most flavorful

4) Enjoy the foods’ maximum possible nutritional value

5) Enjoy the wonderful natural aromas of fresh cut herbs

6) Learn the oldest industry in the world!

7) Harvest what we need and reduce vegetable waste

8) Recycle organic waste and produce our own compost

9) Get in tune with the rhythms of nature

10) Break the urban aesthetics with our green paradise


After living in the countryside for 8 years, I had to move to Barcelona for various reasons. Well since then I have looked for ways to live with the quality of fresh food to which I was accustomed and now I have various small plantations on my terrace, that of my sister and of a friend where we are producing a mountain of organic fresh herbs and vegetables – the baby puree for little nephew never tasted so good as with the added sweetness of fresh carrots!

What we can’t grow because of space limitations we source through organic vegetable cooperatives such as and for dried goods at decent prices. If you eat well, you feel good, and for that reason I have long since made the commitment to always seek fresh produce. Have you?

Click here for more information about nutrition and freshness.

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