Minigarden vertical system

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The Minigarden is a fantastic and innovative system for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers vertically and will anywhere in any home, from the lounge to the patio.

With this wonderful modular system you can create vertical green walls that break the urban backdrop in a spectacular way; sold in white, the contrast with the greens of your strawberry plants and lettuces create a pretty but more importantly, productive picture.

As it is modular, you can attach up to three units vertically, with no horizontal limits and because of the Minigarden’s excellent design you can create your own forms.

Each unit is comprised of a base, 3 planters (with space for 3 crops or flowers in each) and 3 trays with a dual function; they support the planters and collect any excess irrigation water and channel it to the base where it is collected without spillage.

To construct the unit, simply fill the first planter with soil (we recommend organic substrate), and then add your seeds or plants. Fix on the second planter and repeat until all 3 planters are vertically (or horizontally) stacked and planted. With adequate watering, your vertical green living wall will flourish in no time and before long you will be enjoying you first fresh and healthy harvests!

The Minigarden has many unique advantages:

– The modular system fits anywhere.

Minigarden blanco

Minigarden blanco perfil

– Being vertical it increase productivity for a small space.

– It’s easy to assemble and to cultivate- It’s water efficient

– The Minigarden facilitates contact with nature in an urban setting.

– You can grow organically- It is durable and is guaranteed for 3 years

– It looks good!

– It can be used inside or out (with suitable light conditions)

– You can grow a wide variety of plants and herbs.

Now what do I do?

When you decide that this is the system you want, just click the button “add to cart”. Continue to the checkout where you will be asked for contact and delivery details. Finally you progress to the secure payment system offered by Paypal where you can pay either with a credit card, debit card or a Paypal account.

On receipt of the order confirmation we will send you the product within the next 3 days using MRW distribution. If you’re not home, MRW will leave a note and a contact telephone number so you can advise a convenient time for delivery.

Once you have the Minigarden at home, its a matter of setting aside about 15 minutes to fill it with quality vegetable substrate and sow it with your favourite herbs and vegetables. Simple as that.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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